Intrusion Detection & Security Alarms – Atlanta

Installing reliable security systems is the easiest way for businesses to help prevent intrusion. DH Security Solutions can design, install, service, and monitor effective security systems for businesses in a wide range of industries including commercial, retail, healthcare, financial, education, government, and more. Utilizing motion detectors, glass-break sensors, magnetic contacts or sensors, and other electronic security devices from leading manufacturers including, our skilled technicians will build a comprehensive, Intrusion Detection security system that can detect any unauthorized attempt to access your facility, protecting your property, people, and assets.

To ensure even faster police response times and minimize false alarms, DH Security Solutions also offers verified Security Alarm solutions. Our sensors can silently activate your alarm when they detect the sounds of an attempted break-in. Once the alarm system is triggered, our trained security professionals monitor the audio activity, quickly verify an alarm, and communicate key information to law enforcement, leading to a higher apprehension rate than traditional alarms. We also offer premier, video-verified intrusion solutions. Aside from a video surveillance system being a great visual deterrent, video-verified security systems allow our monitoring center specialists to confirm a break in visually, elicit a priority police response, and provide real-time information on intruder activities.

Important burglar and intrusion alarm features to consider

  • Perimeter sensors – Stop burglars before they ever get into your business with mounted perimeter sensors and access control systems.
  • Interior and exterior motion sensors – Motion sensors are one the best ways to easily know if there’s someone inside your business who shouldn’t be.
  • Glass break & shock sensors – Glass break sensors and shock sensors can immediately alert you to a potential problem inside your business.
  • U.L.-Certified alarm systems (including vaults & safes) – Protect your company’s valuables with certificates and inspections for all jewelry stores, pawn stores or gun shops.
  • Panic buttons – Strategically place panic buttons throughout your business so employees have a quick and easy way to call for help.
  • Video surveillance – Install video cameras throughout your business so you know what’s going on at your company.






Want to stay connected to your business wherever you are? Cloud-based security solutions from DH Security let you keep an eye on what’s happening from any smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the internet.
Features of Cloud-based security systems from DH Security Solutions:

Get real-time security alerts delivered to your phone – Want to always be in the know? Get alerts about your business delivered straight to your smartphone. Multiple locations can be accessed in real time, with advisements of late closings or irregular openings.
View live video feeds – Log in to your account from anywhere to see live video feeds of your business.
See the status of your security system – Get a complete view of your business security system, including what triggered an alarm, which buildings and doors are armed or locked, and much more.
Manage your access control system – Add, edit, remove or change permissions in your access control system.
Review fire and life safety events – See where a fire or other critical event was triggered and why. And much more – With DH Security’s custom business solutions, if you need to see it online, we can make it happen.

While traditional alarm systems can be very effective, audio alarm systems can provide even better protection for your business. Rather than relying on intruders to break a contact or trip motion sensors, audio systems activate whenever any unusual noises are detected within your facility. When activated, they send audio feeds to our highly trained monitoring professionals, who can verify that a break-in is in progress or determine if it’s a false alarm.
Since our audio alarm monitoring professionals will confirm an intrusion is in process before alerting authorities, police will provide a priority response to any audio verified alarm. The system is also capable of detecting the sounds of break-in attempts. Many times intruders are caught before they even make entry into the building. Once an alarm is triggered and an alarm is verified, our team can monitor the conversations and movement of trespassers, obtaining valuable information and evidence for police.

DH Security Solutions can also install and monitor many other security systems in addition to your audio alarm, including:

• Video surveillance systems
• Critical condition sensors
• Fire detectors and sprinklers
• Access control systems
• And much more

All monitoring is done through our Rapid Response Monitoring partner, which are staffed 24/7/365 by a team that’s thoroughly trained in identifying, monitoring, and responding to our clients’ security threats.

The power of electronic access control, with the ease of a web browser. We can help you leverage the power of the Internet to better manage access to all of your facilities. DH Security Solutions offers access control solutions using Internet-ready panels to connect single, multiple and remote facilities or entry points. Because these solutions are web-based, software updates and IT maintenance are a thing of the past.

Fortify your facilities with a range of physical protection solutions. To enhance the security of critical or vulnerable facilities, we offer installation of physical access control structures to protect against unauthorized people, vehicles and other threats.

We offer access control solutions for every security need including:

• Card-Key Systems
• Sally ports
• Keypad Access Systems
• Electronic gates and fences
• Visitor Management Systems
• Standalone Single Door Systems
• Multiple Door Systems
• Web and PC Based Access Control Systems
• Biometric Systems
• Keyless Pushbutton Locks
• Electric Locking Systems