Every manufacturer, regardless of size, shares some key challenges. Parts and raw materials must arrive safely. The manufacturing process itself must be secured against theft and accidents. And finished goods must be reliably delivered to your final customers.

DH Security Solutions can help at every step of the planning and implementation process to provide an integrated security solution that addresses these challenges and more. Our decades of experience can help you find weaknesses and develop comprehensive, easy-to-manage solutions that enhance safety, security and productivity.

Our integrated solutions include intrusion detection, access control, video surveillance, inventory management and fire and life safety and technologies, along with management tools to help your managers streamline and enhance security operations. This results in easy-to-manage, enterprise wide security solutions that provide increased visibility into all areas of your operations, as well as enhanced information management and reporting capabilities to provide insights for better decision-making.

Our value-added services include around-the-clock monitoring of critical conditions such as remote management tools that let you see live video of your operations from any smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

• Video Monitoring Systems
• Access Control and Badging
• Intrusion and Perimeter Protection
• Burglar and Fire Alarms
• Locks and Door Hardware
• Emergency Notification Systems
• Positioning and Asset Tracking Systems
• Personal Alarms
• Monitoring Services
• Perimeter Protection
• GPS locks