Providing safety and security for government agencies and facilities requires extreme vigilance. You need to create a secure environment for employees and visitors, while keeping intruders and danger out. Making it even more challenging is the need to adhere to government standards.

DH Security Solutions understands the complex environments of government facilities. Our integrated security solutions combine security devices, technology and IT systems — sharing information and harnessing convergence –to provide innovative solutions to safeguard your people, property and assets. From video surveillance with remote monitoring and recording to enterprise access control with visitor management to mass notification and emergency evacuation, we provide leading edge solutions that give you oversight to security, information and operations.

• Video Monitoring Systems
• Access Control and Badging
• Burglar Alarms and Fire Alarms
• Intrusion and Perimeter Protection
• Intercoms and Overhead Paging
• Emergency Notification Systems
• Locks and Door Hardware
• Personal Alarms
• Positioning and Tracking Systems
• Security Portals
• Consoles and Cabinetry
• Entry Gates
• Automatic Turnstiles and Bollards
• Monitoring Services

• Correctional Facilities
• Utility Companies
• Law Enforcement
• Court Houses
• Public Transportation
• Classified Operating Center