You have to constantly know who and where people are, the location of assets, and the condition of your property. And you want security information to be compatible with IT systems such as HR and building automation so that your entire organization can operate more effectively. Sounds challenging.

DH Security Solution’s commitment to integration, information and innovation allows us to deliver security solutions that combine physical security devices and personnel, technology and IT systems. From video surveillance that feeds to a central monitoring station to an electronic kiosk for visitor access to GPS fleet tracking, we are the single-source for all your security needs. So, whether you are responsible for the security at an office complex, a manufacturing plant or a distribution center, we can help you be certain that the security technology and service you have is protecting your people, property and assets so you can focus on the business at hand.

• Video Monitoring Systems
• Access Control and Badging
• Burglar Alarms and Fire Alarms
• Intrusion and Perimeter Protection
• Intercoms and Overhead Paging
• Emergency Notification Systems
• Locks and Door Hardware
• Personal Alarms
• Positioning and Tracking Systems
• Security Portals
• Consoles and Cabinetry
• Automatic Turnstiles and Bollards
• Monitoring Services

• Corporate Offices
• Distribution Centers
• Manufacturing Facilities
• Data Centers
• Drilling and Mining Facilities
• Pharmaceutical and Chemical Processing
• Stadiums and Arenas