Door Hardware in Atlanta

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Securing your business is not as passive as it once was. It’s not about simply locking a door at night or securing a gate with a chain and padlock. Today’s criminals are savvy and experts at exploiting exposed properties. Security starts at the door. By having the right door hardware Atlanta businesses can take preventative steps to help curb break-ins. Commercial locksmiths are trained and experienced with the installation of door hardware and Door Access Control Systems that can better secure your business. DH Security Solutions employs highly trained, expert technicians, and equips them with state of the art technology and tools so they can tackle any job.

No matter where you work, someone is responsible for opening the doors. When you think of your building being secure, you think of the aspect of physically locking a door. But securing your property involves so much more than that. It starts with the door and the right Door Hardware that is specifically designed to resist break-ins, and the type that can help ensure your building has the utmost protection.

Do you believe your business is as secure as you would like it to be? A secure business is so much more than just a deadbolt. New technologies and integrated software systems allow customers to have multiple options when it comes to securing property. Our commercial technicians work with business owners to ensure they are involved with choosing the right level of security for their buildings. We offer a wide range of security solutions for every budget and have assisted hundreds of commercial clients with securing commercial buildings, warehouses, hospitals, schools, and apartment complexes. We service and maintain all types of Door Access Control Systems and can offer upgrade advice for not only commercial locks but entire security systems.

When it comes to choosing door locks there is much to consider. Mortise locks, tubular deadbolts, and cylindrical locksets allow for a variety of lock sizes with anti-friction latches that provide 50% more surface contact with strike, offering superior strength and security. Keypad door locks and electromechanical door locks offer convenience and efficiency for electrified applications. These locks formerly required separate components to perform the lock and unlocking function. Thanks to innovative technology, electronic access is now self-contained in a single installation.

DH Security Solutions is the trusted locksmith Atlanta businesses have come to rely on to provide high-tech security upgrades to door hardware and key systems. Advanced solutions are available which can help secure your building at the door. New patented keying systems prevent unauthorized duplication of keys. Master keyed systems and key management software provide another layer of security at each entry point. Combining the latest in door hardware technology with advanced monitoring and keying systems provides a level of security that’s hard to penetrate.

DH Security Solutions is a market leader in access control for Atlanta businesses, specializing in ID Badges, alarm, CCTV & monitoring, and providing security services for the commercial, education, financial, government, manufacturing and healthcare industries. We maintain in-depth knowledge of each client’s business operations, operating parameters, and customer relations.